Municipality of Metsovo

Metsovo was the birthplace of many important benefactors with a national footprint. Today it is a famous tourist destination for all seasons and is protected by the Presidential Decree on traditional settlements.

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Municipality of Zitsa

Respectively, the Municipality of Zitsa is the second largest Municipality of the Regional Unit of Ioannina and is famous for its rich cultural environment.

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Large Forms of Continental Welfare

Grace to the city and the nation


Zois Kaplanis

He was the first benefactor to be officially awarded the title “National Benefactor” by the Greek state.


George Averoff

As soon as he left Metsovo, he knelt down to say goodbye to his mother and took her wish “to catch dirt, make it soft”


Michael Tositsas

Michael Tositsas was a Greek national benefactor of the 19th century with a great contribution to Greece and Alexandria, Egypt.

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Points of cultural interest

Points of cultural interest

Municipality of Metsovo

Municipality of Zitsa

The Averoff Gallery

The Averoff Gallery donated by Evangelos Averoff, where you will see a large and impressive collection of paintings by Greek painters of the 19th and 20th century, as well as a remarkable collection of sculptures and engravings. It is the home of leading Greek painters More than 200 works by great Greek painters of the 19th and 20th centuries are the dowry of one of the most important cultural sites in Epirus.

The Engraving Gallery

The Engraving Gallery of Zitsa, Ioannina is an important bridge to the richness of the means of expression, the variety of materials, the history of Modern Greek engraving during the 19th and 20th century and above all, it is the opening of the discussion between the creators of the 21st century that is advancing rapidly. The Gallery includes a rich permanent exhibition of Greek Engraving of about 350 works dating from the end of the 19th century until today.

The Averofios Garden

The Averofios Garden is a park of about 10 acres with all kinds of trees of Pindos, and includes various paths signposted to the Valia Calda National Park and on Mount Mavrovouni a mountaineering shelter for 30 people with overnight capacity. Inside, very well guarded, is the restored chapel of St. George, in front of which George Averoff prayed for help in 1840, before taking the road of exile. He has never been back since. But he kept his word and with the money he sent, he repaired he old church and built a garden around it!

Holy Monastery of Paliouris

Holy Monastery of Paliouris, which according to tradition was built in 1688-1690 by Papanastasios Alexiou from Zitsa. The monastery acquired wealth and large estates, and according to tradition hosted a secret school. It was destroyed by Ali Pasha in 1782 and rebuilt in 1786 with the funding of prostitutes of Zagori, while in 1796 it was renovated.

The Tsanaka Folklore Museum

The Tsanaka Folklore Museum, which is part of the CULTURAL LANDS project, in order to carry out the necessary repair and modernization works. Here in the old stone mansion of the Veneti family is housed the museum and its exhibits include objects of the Veneti and Tsanaka families as well as many families of Metsovo (surviving manuscripts from the 17th century onwards, letters, photographs, Turkish hodge collection with reference to Metsovo and the Vlachs, bronze and wooden household utensils, woven, looms).

The Glinavos winery

The Glinavos winery, whose building facilities have an area of 3,000 sq.m. approximately and are located in an area of a total area of 5,500 sq.m., which includes wineries, offices of administrative services and specially designed areas for visitors. The distillery is located in a separate building, where the continental tsipouro of Glinavos Estate is produced from the local variety “Debina”.