Kaplanios Housekeeping School – Municipality of Zitsa.


Kaplanios Housekeeping School in Grammeno, Zitsa


The late Epirus National Benefactor Zois Kaplanis offered to the youth, during the two years of slavery, two Schools: the Kaplanio Primary School in his particular homeland, the Grammeno and the famous Kaplanio School in Giannina. Grammeno builds and maintains a school in his hometown. It should be emphasized that 73% of his fortune is allocated for his great love, the Kaplanio School, for which he provided the financial support of the poor students as well as the salary of three foreign language teachers!

“Pikrozois” founded the Textile School at Grammeno, which operated until 1970. Grammeno promoted many important personalities, such as the teacher Sapphiros Christodoulidis (first biographer of Kosmas Aetolos), the fighters of 1821, brothers Vassilios Goudas of Antila and first grammarian of Markos Botsaris) and Stavros (leader of Karaiskakis), the historian Konstantinos Asopios (professor of the University and the Ionian Academy), the scholar Georgios Kranas or Aesop (first headmaster of Zosimasos), Zosimatros Stefanos Rados (professor of the Zosima School), the doctor and scholar Christoforos Filitas (rector of the Ionian Academy), the priest Patro-Kosmas (father of Kosmas of Etolos) and of course the most famous brothers Zosimades.

The building of the Kaplanio Primary School in Grammeno belongs today to the Municipality of Zitsa by ownership (since Grammeno belongs to the Municipality), and after the closure of the School the building is used by the Municipality for cultural purposes aimed at cultural upgrading the area.

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