Old Cinema Building – Municipality of Metsovo

The said building with area E = 492.82sq.m. is located on a plot of land E = 255.95sq.m. in the district “Ag. George ”of D. Metsovo and consists of basement, ground floor and inner balcony (loft). It used to operate as a cinema and was purchased by D. Metsovos in 1996 for the purpose of operating as a “Spiritual Center”. The building today needs significant interventions of construction and electromechanical nature and corresponding modernization in order to function as a space for cultural events.

Location of the building in the settlement

View of building entrance

It is a building which is structured in a plan of a trapezoid and is made of stonework which is visible in its facades following the traditional architecture of the buildings of Metsovo. The openings of the building, which dominate in a row, consist of traditional wooden frames, while metal frames are observed only in the glass of the door on the main face of the building. The traditional architecture is followed inside the building with the traditional wooden ceiling. As for the roof is made of wooden beams, it has been covered with Byzantine tiles while the traditional wooden furrows with ceiling can be seen in the extension of the roof.

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