Another bright page of the church of Agia Paraskevi Metsovo is its chanting tradition. Byzantine music in the church was brought by the Gianniotian lead singer Dionysios, who taught it at the Ecumenical Patriarchate. This tradition is praised by the Upper Sudanese Zagori Teacher of the Genus Neophytos Doukas, a student of the Hellenic School of Metsovo.



The hired transporters of people, things and products in the traditional society, were the people who undertook the formation and command of the caravans in nearby places but also in foreign places and mainly to Russia and Romania. Valuable everyday objects from caravans and conduits reveal the difficult and fascinating life of people. Many such objects are kept and exhibited as part of the Folklore Collection of the Tsanaka Metsovo Museum. Keratzis’ job was difficult and required hardening, because there were cases where he had to deal with adverse weather conditions but also with robbers.


Vlach kirantzis


Caravan of kirantzis during their movement

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