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Byzantine music in Metsovo and monasteries

Another bright page of the church of Agia Paraskevi Metsovo is its chanting tradition. Byzantine music in the church was brought by the Gianniotian lead singer Dionysios, who taught it at the Ecumenical Patriarchate. This tradition is praised by the Upper Sudanese Zagori Teacher of the Genus Neophytos Doukas, a student of the Hellenic School [...]

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The art of beekeeping dates back several decades in Metsovo and has several workshops with commercial activity outside the local market.. These workshops have been operating for decades with the art being inherited from father to son and modernized with the use of new technologies and machines in the production process The quality of the [...]

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The whole construction process was done by hand, without machines, using oak, chestnut and robolo wood. Much later, in the 1970s, coal-fired factories were equipped with machinery. Wooden barrels occupied the first place in the storage of products and because their construction required some technique, some specialized and practiced this art as a profession. They [...]

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Wood carving

In Metsovo, the art of wood carving began a long time ago. "The great prosperity and flourishing of Metsovite folk art began after 1659, with the exceptional political and ecclesiastical privileges, which the Metsovite archbishop Kyrgos Flokas obtained from the Gate and made Metsovo an autonomous democracy. At that time, wood carving escaped from handicrafts [...]

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Livestock has always been the mainstay of Metsovo's economy. Cheese-making is another pole of development. The cheese factory of the Tositsa Foundation has been operating in Metsovo since 1958, absorbing almost the entire milk production of the region. The cheese industry experienced a huge growth throughout the Turkish yoke and the Metsovite cheese merchants used [...]

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Textile industry

During the Turkish occupation, most of the families of Metsovo were engaged in the processing of wool, the manufacture of carpets and clothing. The textile industry has a long tradition. The local weaving created elaborate textiles, carpets, rugs, bedding, boharoskoutia, flokatas, etc., with methods and tactics that go back many generations. The weaving art as [...]

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20 Ιουλίου Εορτασμοί_Προφήτη Ηλία

On July 20, the "Festival of Prophet Elias" that takes place near the temple of Prophet Elias at an altitude of 1400 m. Is celebrated by residents and visitors of Metsovo with songs and dances. The traditional feast is accompanied by food and drink in the courtyard of the monastery.     Metsovites on the [...]

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May 17 festive events of the patron saint of Agios Nikolaos Basdanis

In Metsovo, in the old days, the feast of the Saint was celebrated in his chapel, which is attached to the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos of Myron in Lycia. However, because the festival was degraded, during the first Exarchate of Archimandrite Benedict Voila (1893 - 1900 aC), May 17 was established as a local holiday. [...]

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October 28-31 Liberation of Metsovo

The liberation of Metsovo took place in October 1912 by forces of the regular Greek army, the Cretan volunteer scouts and the Epirus volunteers, while it was decisive for the general outcome of the liberation struggle, as in this way the sending of new forces and means to the army was prevented the city [...]

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Festive events of Agia Paraskevi

During the three-day festivities in honor of Agia Paraskevi, every year in Metsovo on July 26 the memory of Agia Paraskevi is honored with formality, splendor, religious enthusiasm and the participation of many people in the traditional context of Metsovo. Agia Paraskevi has always been the patron saint of the Vlachs who call it "Sta [...]

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