The art of beekeeping dates back several decades in Metsovo and has several workshops with commercial activity outside the local market.. These workshops have been operating for decades with the art being inherited from father to son and modernized with the use of new technologies and machines in the production process The quality of the hives is largely due to the use of high quality local wood, resisting the new commercial trend for plastic hives.

The bees remain all year round in adverse weather conditions (cold, humidity, sun), so their materials must be excellent. f the wood is of excellent quality and dry, with a proper maintenance and initial preparation by the beekeeper, the hive can last up to 20-30 years. The advantage of the wooden hive, ie a hive made of natural material over the plastic ones, is that they have been tested for many years by beekeepers all over the world and provide easy conversions and maintenance after many years of wear, while promoting them as an economical solution.

Wooden beehives


Metsovite honeycomb workshop

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