The liberation of Metsovo took place in October 1912 by forces of the regular Greek army, the Cretan volunteer scouts and the Epirus volunteers, while it was decisive for the general outcome of the liberation struggle, as in this way the sending of new forces and means to the army was prevented the city of Ioannina.

The news of the liberation of Metsovo, homeland of great benefactors of the Nation, caused excitement in the whole of Greece, while the daily newspapers of Thessaly and Athens dedicated solemn articles. The occupation of the area of Metsovo was a decisive event for the military planning of the Greek forces, regarding the imminent liberation of Ioannina which occurred after 4 months. For the Metsovites themselves, it marked the end of almost five centuries of Ottoman rule.

The day of October 28 is celebrated with a parade and traditional dances in Metsovo square.

excerpt from a newspaper of the time with reference to the liberation of Metsovo

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