Many elements of intangible cultural heritage found in the Municipality of Metsovo have their roots in the tradition over the centuries and are preserved to this day spontaneously by the local community. It is worth noting that they were preserved during the Turkish occupation, from the 15th century to the present day, helping to acquire particularity in the form of local mountain culture.

The data mentioned below, reflect the collective feelings and mentalities of the local community, while at the same time highlighting it as a coherent structure. The continuous flow of the social history of the place functions as a taste and aesthetics of a lifestyle that is reflected in the social attitudes.

The formation and continuation of cultural identity over the centuries, highlights the social aesthetics and collective consciousness, the mentalities of the past and the function of the code of values, through the institutional customary life. The people of Metsovo moved on the basis of tradition to the present day, highlighting tradition as an extended reality thanks to the family structures of the community and the political management of the past.

In the framework of the Operation with the acronym “CULTURAL LANDS” (Work Package 4 / Deliverable 4.2.4) of the Interreg IPA CBC Cross-Border Cooperation Program “Greece-Albania 2014-2020” it is foreseen the compilation of initially proposed data for the National Catalog of Intangible Cultural Heritage and the promotion of one as the most prevalent for further analysis and Compilation of a Bulletin for evaluation by the Scientific Committee of the Directorate of Modern Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture. This Bulletin was written in collaboration with the local community of Metsovo, which is the natural custodian of its intangible cultural heritage. Below, all the proposed elements are described, eleven in number, as integral parts of the daily life and culture of the Metsovite society, including the element that was analyzed through the compilation of the Bulletin, in this case the “Customs of Agia Paraskevi” in Metsovo ”, as described in the Bulletin.

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