Historic Building “Tsanaka” – Municipality of Metsovo.

This building with a total area of E = 426.00 sq.m. is located on a plot of land E = 600.00 sq.m. in the district “Ag. George ”of  Metsovo and consists of basements and ground floors where historical and folklore archival material is preserved and exhibited. Formerly it was the mansion of the Veneti family, while it became the property of D. Metsovo in 1995.

The exhibits of the museum include objects of the Veneti and Tsanaka families as well as many families of Metsovo (surviving manuscripts from the 17th century onwards, letters, Turkish hodges, photographic material, a collection of books referring to Metsovo and the Vlachs and wood, copper household, woven, looms). There are also two exhibition spaces where an old collection of weavers, pillows and embroidery of the 19th century is exhibited, as well as the wool processing area up to the stage of construction of weavers-pillows and woolen garments.

View of the entrance


View of the floor


View of part of the basement


View of part of the ground floor

It is a building which is made of stonework which is visible in its facades, except for the ground floor part that corresponds to the inner courtyard, following the traditional architecture of the buildings of Metsovo. The openings of the building consist of traditional wooden frames. The traditional architecture is followed inside the building with the traditional wooden mezzanine and ceiling. As for the roof, it is made of wooden beams, while it has been covered with panels after restoration and modernization works in a later than the initial, construction phase. However, all the traditional morphological elements have been preserved, such as visible wooden friezes and a ceiling in the roof extension, replacing the original material. Part of the face of the building bears wood cladding following the entirely wooden construction of the loggia.

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